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Teaching My Kids More

After my kids started going to an academic school, I realized that it might be important to pay a little closer attention to their education. My wife and I started going over their homework with them after it was done and carefully helping them to correct any errors. We also had family study sessions when it was time to study for an exam or quiz. The difference was amazing. Within a few months, our kids were truly excelling at school. My blog is all about childhood education and how to find the books and supplies that you need to help your child along the way.

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Using The Post 911 GI Bill To Pay For Your College Education

Having a degree can be beneficial when it comes to seeking employment. Individuals who opt to complete military service prior to attending a college or university may be eligible to receive financial assistance when it comes to paying for a degree. The post 9/11 GI Bill is designed to offer a financial incentive to soldiers who want to serve their country and still obtain a college education. Get the most out of your post 9/11 GI Bill benefits by keeping the following tips in mind. Read More 

How Daycare Can Decrease Your Child’s Chances of Getting Depression

Depression affects people from all types of backgrounds. It even affects mothers. Some women have dealt with depression since they were children. New mothers can also develop postpartum depression. However, many mothers suffer in silence, which can take a heavy toll on their children. Read on to find out how sending your child to daycare can keep them from developing depression as well. Reduce Emotional Problems A child of a depressed parent is two to four times more likely to develop depression before becoming an adult. Read More 

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Most people know that having a college diploma is a great asset in the search for landing a job, but in recent years, how people are getting their college diploma is changing. A recent study showed that over 30 percent of US residents have a college diploma, so it's something a job seeker needs. But more and more, students are passing up traditional four year schools for vocational schools that focus on one specific trade. Read More