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After my kids started going to an academic school, I realized that it might be important to pay a little closer attention to their education. My wife and I started going over their homework with them after it was done and carefully helping them to correct any errors. We also had family study sessions when it was time to study for an exam or quiz. The difference was amazing. Within a few months, our kids were truly excelling at school. My blog is all about childhood education and how to find the books and supplies that you need to help your child along the way.

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Bachelor's Degrees Just Aren't What They Used To Be! The Hottest Jobs You Can Get With A Vocational Degree

Most people know that having a college diploma is a great asset in the search for landing a job, but in recent years, how people are getting their college diploma is changing. A recent study showed that over 30 percent of US residents have a college diploma, so it's something a job seeker needs. But more and more, students are passing up traditional four year schools for vocational schools that focus on one specific trade.

One of the biggest advantages of a vocational school is that it's easy to capitalize on "hot" job markets. A vocational degree can be wrapped up in two years or less, compared to four years of a traditional degree. That means you're in the workforce faster and leave school with much less debt. If you're looking to find a new career quickly, here's a look at some of the most in-demand careers right now that are perfect opportunities for a vocational degree.

Construction: The construction industry is slated to add nearly 2 million jobs by 2020 and is projected to have one of the highest percentages of wage growth. Potential vocational degrees in construction include areas like plumbing and electrical work but also smaller niche areas like elevator inspection, inspection, and more. There's always going to be a need for new buildings, and more government regulations and oversight means that there's going to be more employees needed than ever before.

Vet tech: Veterinary technician employment is an area that's growing much faster than other industries, and many people are surprised to find that you don't need a four year degree. Vet techs work under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, which does take more training, but a two year vocational degree is enough to become registered and licensed to be a tech in all US states. Years ago, general care and lab work in a vet's office may have been trusted to a general clerical employee, but veterinarians today are utilizing trained technicians.

Food services: In 2015, Americans spent more on dining out than they did on groceries, so it's clear that people love a good meal away from home. And of course, someone has to prepare that meal. There's always a demand for cooks and chefs, and it's easy to find work in a new city.

Another field to consider is dental assistant. For more information, contact New Mexico Institute of Dental Assisting or a similar location.

For people seeking a career without a four year degree, it can seem pretty discouraging. But it doesn't take long to get your life on a new track with a vocational degree.