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After my kids started going to an academic school, I realized that it might be important to pay a little closer attention to their education. My wife and I started going over their homework with them after it was done and carefully helping them to correct any errors. We also had family study sessions when it was time to study for an exam or quiz. The difference was amazing. Within a few months, our kids were truly excelling at school. My blog is all about childhood education and how to find the books and supplies that you need to help your child along the way.

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How Daycare Can Decrease Your Child's Chances of Getting Depression

Depression affects people from all types of backgrounds. It even affects mothers. Some women have dealt with depression since they were children. New mothers can also develop postpartum depression.

However, many mothers suffer in silence, which can take a heavy toll on their children. Read on to find out how sending your child to daycare can keep them from developing depression as well.

Reduce Emotional Problems

A child of a depressed parent is two to four times more likely to develop depression before becoming an adult. He or she is also at risk for social and emotional problems. These problems are more prevalent when a mother does not receive treatment for depression.

Daycare allows your child to interact with other kids. It teaches children socialization techniques. These techniques include taking turns, sharing, forming friendships, problem solving and playing well with others. Socialization techniques are the foundation for building relationships with family, friends, teachers, and co-workers, and forming these relationships is key to warding off depression.

Give the Mother and Child a Break

If you can afford daycare, then you should enroll your child in one. It gives mother and child a break. Being a mother can be very overwhelming. Sometimes, mothers need free time to take care of their own needs. This time also allows your child to be around other children. At the same time, going to daycare prevents your child from having separation anxiety and social withdrawal and gives him or her less exposure to your depression.

Help Responding to Emotional Outbursts

It is common for children of depressed mothers to be emotional. Toddlers usually throw a tantrum out of frustration. They have very few problem solving skills. Daycare providers have experience with emotional children and know how to handle the situation. They know how to calm the child down and teach them a better way to communicate. Many daycare centers try to prevent tantrums before they occur.

Children strive from routine. If they are used to getting a meal at a certain time, then you should provide that meal at the same time each day. On the other hand, your child may throw a tantrum if the meal is late. It is important to set realistic limits and stick to a schedule. These things will help your child with emotional problems.

Depression is a serious disorder, but it does not make someone a bad parent. Everyone needs help and you should ask for it. As a mother with depression, you should use all the available resources to make sure you and your children are healthy.